2019 Trade Mission China
– A Specially Designed Trade Platform For Leaders & Professionals From The Circle of Smart Energy, Utility Metering of Electricity, Water & Gas Sectors

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Kelly Ma (Ms.)
Email: advisors@gsl-consulting.com
Phone: 0086 10 6800 1671
Mobile: 0086 18210486488

GSL Consulting Group China

GSL Consulting Ltd. China is a well-established and leading Chinese consulting firm, dedicated in smart energy, smart grid, smart metering of electricity, water, and gas and heat utility industries. Business scope consists of integrated media services, high quality event management (professional/international conference & exhibition), industry research and business advisory services in the fields of smart utility metering, billing, AMR/AMI, data management, revenue protection and CRM areas.

About Host Media

METERING China Print & Digital Media

METERING CHINA Print Magazine, introduced into Chinese metering market in 2003, is a leading magazine in Chinese electricity, water, and gas metering market, delivering news and information of smart metering, billing, customer service, AMI etc. to over 20,000 professional readers in China nationwide. The magazine is a quarterly publication with editorials sourced from experts in China and internationally, and addresses interests and developments in China smart utility and metering market. www.meteringchina.com

About Supporters

About OSGP (Open Smart Grid Protocol) Alliance: 

The OSGP Alliance is the global non-profit association dedicated to promoting the adoption of the Open Smart Grid Protocol (OSGP) and infrastructure for smart grid applications towards a fu ture proof modern smart grid. With a key focus on security, smart metering, smart grid, grid analytics, distribution network management and smart cities, our members including utilities, hardware manufacturers, service providers and system integrators, all share a common goal and vision: promoting open standards for energy demand side management, smart grid and smart metering systems.

About the Israeli Smart Energy Association: 

The Israeli Smart Energy Association, ISEA, is a non-for-profit industry association, formed in 2012. ISEA serves as a national platform, bringing together local and global Smart Energy players and stakeholders to share knowledge, drive initiatives, and build partnerships. The goal of ISEA is to position Israel as one of the leading countries in the Smart Energy domain; both in terms of developing local innovative industry, as well as local adoption and deployment of Smart Energy solutions. Through its members, supporters, and affiliations, ISEA enables its members to interact with the most relevant local and global leaders in the space, take an active role in shaping the industry and drive economic growth. ISEA activities are centered on three cores: Building awareness, spreading knowledge, and creating business opportunities for its members.

About Iran Renewable Energy Association

Iran Renewable Energy Association is an independent nongovernmental organization and its principle audience is the public. The main activities of this association are promoting, increasing awareness, developing culture and institutionalizing the implementation of clean energy, including wind, solar, biomass, geothermal and hydrogen energy.

Our Activities

  • Giving awareness and the required information to foreign investors about conditions of business in Iran
  • Facilitating the procedures of getting loans and the required guarantees
  • Facilitating renewable energy projects and power plants financing
  • Creating a network database of renewable energy experts
  • Interacting with all the companies, institutions, experts and effective actors in renewable energy promotion
  • Organizing international or domestic exhibitions and conferences on renewable energy
  • Promoting the collaborations of universities and research centers with industry
  • Identifying the critical problems in renewable energy field and referring them to governmental agencies
  • Enhancing the role of renewable energy in the country’s major decision making policies
  • Facilitating the presence of foreign investors and manufacturers by consultation, introducing the profitable economic projects in Iran, helping to find a domestic partner in Iran, helping to obtain the necessary permissions and … .


About CBS Cloud Business Services:

Cloud Business Service offer management & sales consulting, and recruiting services for the IT industry and the energy sector in Germany and China. We represent a network of multidisciplinary, experienced, and competent specialists with extensive channel and market knowhow. We support our clients’ growth by market entry and M&A consulting for Germany and China, by developing sales strategies, and provide interim and project management services. We build long-term customer alliances and invest in predictable and loyal partnerships.

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